Ready for a more unique compact? The VW Beetle gets you around town or home for the holidays in retro style without sacrificing technology or an engaging drive. Is there a downside?


Beetle Convertible

The Beetle Convertible is like the fun aunt you never had growing up -- stylish, fun, unattached. Put the top down and let the road take you on your next adventure. The best part? Practical cargo space and class-leading fuel economy make the Beetle Convertible a well-rounded win.




The CC is the traditional sedan with and unexpected powertrain that will keep you coming back to the open road. A performance sedan doesn't need to be flashy to make a statement -- understated is classy. Just ask a CC owner.


vw eos for sale Orwigsburg PA


Here comes the sun! The Eos features a sunroof and a hard drop-top. For those who refuse to compromise when it comes to the bodystyle they want, the VW Eos has it all -- performance, versatility and expert handling. All wrapped in shiny German engineering.


The Golf is the first and the best in its class. All other hatchbacks were born of its brilliance, so why settle for a cheap knockoff? Even in base form, the Golf offers superior space and performance.

2016 Golf vs

Kia Forte SX
Ford Focus

2015 Golf vs

Mazda 3


Golf GTI

The original hot hatch. There's nothing generic about the Golf GTI -- it's sure to satisfy your need for performance and practicality. Did we mention it's understated style?

2018 Golf GTI vs

Ford Focus ST

2016 Golf GTI vs

Ford Focus ST


Golf R

The performance-oriented member of the Golf family. Golf R has nearly 300 horsepower to play around with, not to mention sport-tuned handling and suspension. This is one you need to drive to believe.


Golf SportWagen

Golf SportWagen combines the utility of a wagon with the fun-to-drive character of the Golf family. What better companion to introduce to your family?


The small sedan that requires zero compromises. You'll have your choice of multiple engines, exterior colors and interior upholstery options -- all gleaming with that German engineering sheen.

2016 Jetta vs

Ford Focus
Honda Civic

2015 Jetta vs

Toyota Corolla



The all-new Passat is changing the way we talk about midsize sedans. If you feel like your midsize sedan options are making you choose practicality -or- style, you're definitely not looking at the new Passat.

2018 Passat

Volkswagen Passat

2017 Passat

Ford Fusion

2016 Passat vs

Hyundai Sonata
Chevy Malibu


Adore the space and utility available with a crossover SUV but not one to blend in with the Hondas and Toyotas of the world? Meet Tiguan -- the out-of-the-box, powerfully beautiful small SUV from VW.

2016 Tiguan vs

Ford Escape
Hyundai Tucson
Mazda CX-5
Chevy Trax

2015 Tiguan vs

Honda CR-V



Touareg is the top-of-the-line option for those seeking a premium SUV at a bargain MSRP. You'll be amazed at how much vehicle you can get when you shop Volkswagen's crossover/SUV options.