Vehicle Checkup / Inspection - The Basics

We don't just visit the doctor when we're sick. Many people schedule regular checkups to stay healthy and catch problems in their early stages. Just like a yearly physical at the doctor's office, your vehicle's annual inspection can give you peace of mind, preventing serious damage and safety issues. 


Why do I need a checkup or inspection?

A properly conducted state inspection ensures your car is safe to drive, protecting both you and other drivers. In Pennsylvania, you must have your car inspected every year by law. If you don't, you could receive a hefty fine or experience other negative consequences. 

However, there may be a time when you aren't due for inspection just yet, but something doesn't feel right with your vehicle. It could be a funny noise, a change in the way your car is handling, or a "Check Engine" light on the dashboard. Whatever the case it's smart to visit a professional, who can determine the root of the problem and put your mind at ease.

Who can perform a checkup or inspection?

This is a job for a skilled technician! In fact, you must be liscenced to perform a state inspection in Pennsylvania. While others may be able to perform a basic checkup, a trained professional is still your best choice to diagnose the health of your vehicle and fix any found problems.

Where should I go to get one?

The technicians at the J. Bertolet Service Center are happy to help you make sure your vehicle stays healthy! Schedule your next checkup or inspection with us, and we're confident you'll be 100% satisfied with a job well done. Find out more about our exact location below.

Other Services

At J. Bertolet, we offer a variety of fast, friendly services to meet your auto care needs.


Our Location

We are conveniently located off PA-61 in Orwigsburg, PA. We're proud to offer comprehensive maintenance services, including inspections and general vehicle checkups, to customers in the Reading, Allentown and Harrisburg area. Click here to schedule your appointment with J. Bertolet Volkswagen.

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