Transmission Flush - The Basics

As a vehicle owner you probably know you should keep up with oil changes in order to make sure your engine stays healthy. But sometimes the buildup of dirt and grime can be so bad, a regular oil change won't make enough of a difference. When your engine is extra dirty, a transmission flush may be in order.


What is a transmission flush?

When a technician performs a transmission flush, he or she will use a special machine to completely clean the old, dirty oil from your engine and replace it with a fresh new batch. If your problem is particularly bad, a cleaning solution may also be used to ensure all debris has been cleared before the new oil is added. With a standard oil change, the fluid is drained from your engine naturally, leaving some dirt behind.

Why would I need one?

A transmission flush can improve the performance of your engine and extend its lifespan. It's a maintenance procedure that is best utlilized every few years, or every 30,000 miles.

Who can perform a transmission flush?

Only a trained technician will have the skills and equipment needed to perform this procedure. You should always be sure to visit a reputable service center like J. Bertolet Volkswagen to avoid causing issues with your vehicle, as an improperly conducted transmission flush could actually end up damaging your engine. Likewise, if a transmission flush is done when there are leaks or other undiagnosed problems, it may do more harm than good. A professional will be sure to test your engine before the flush, making sure everything is in good working order. 



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