Tire Rotation - The Basics

The roads we drive on aren't always smooth, and wheels and tires can take a beating over time. When your balance is thrown off, it's time for a tire rotation.


When will I need this service?

Restoring balance to your tires will prolong their life and improve your vehicle's overall performance, ultimately saving you a significant amount of money. But if you aren't a trained mechanic, how do you know when it's time for this necessary service?

 You Notice an Issue

If you hear or feel a rattling while driving, or if you notice your tire tread has been wearing rapidly or unevenly, bring your vehicle in to the J. Bertolet Service Center. We'll complete a full checkup and determine whether or not a tire rotation is in order. 


You've Hit a Bump in the Road

Even if you aren't noticing the symptoms, but you know you've hit a huge pothole or bump in road recently, it's still a great idea to schedule an appointment. Our service technicians can deliver peace of mind, whether you need a tire rotation or a different service. 


 Your Owner's Manual Recommendations 

While a rotation can be completed to fix a problem, most manufacturers recommend it as a regular maintenance that should be completed every few months or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Check your owner's manual for specific guidelines. 


Where Can I Go?

We'd be happy to help! Conveniently located off PA-61 in Orwigsburg, our Service Center proudly offers comprehensive maintenance services, including tire rotation and front end alignment, to customers in the Reading, Allentown and Harrisburg area. Click here to schedule your next appointment with J. Bertolet Volkswagen, and remember: We service more than just Volkswagen!

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