Wiper/Headlight Maintenance - The Basics

To stay safe on the road, drivers need to see and be seen. When bad weather or poor visibility are at play, quality windshield wipers and headlights are a neccessity. The technicians at the J. Bertolet Volkswagen. Service Center can help make sure yours don't quit when it's time to shine. 


Who can inspect and change my wipers and headlights?

Changing wipers and headlights can be tricky. Improperly installed wipers won't fully clear your windshield and headlights that are put in at the wrong angle can blind other drivers. These areas can also be difficult to access on certain makes and models.

A trained service technician has the tools and experience to make sure these essential parts are installed correctly and will be sure to use the right kinds, every time.

When will I need maintenance?

While it's a great idea to check your wipers and headlights before winter, poor driving conditions can happen during any time of the year, especially in Pennsylvania. Getting in the habit of checking them regularly will prevent you from ending up in a bad situation when it suddenly starts raining or a nasty fog rolls in.

Where do I go?

The technicians at the J. Bertolet Volkswagen Service  Center have plenty of experiennce with windshield and headlight repair and replacement. We'll be happy to help. See below for our exact location.

Other Services

At J. Bertolet, we offer a variety of fast, friendly services to meet your auto care needs.


Our Location


We are conveniently located off PA-61 in Orwigsburg, PA. We proudly offer comprehensive maintenance services, including windshield and headlight maintenance, to customers in the Reading, Allentown and Harrisburg area. Click here to schedule your appointment with J. Bertolet Volkswagen.

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