Electrical Service - The Basics

While electric cars and hybrids are becoming more and more popular, most vehicles these days still run primarily on gas. But regardless of what powers your engine, several important parts of your car use electricity to function, and when any of these components isn't worrking correctly it can cause a major headache.


Why would I need electrical services?

As mentioned, almost all modern cars utilize some form of electrical power in certain features. Your lights - exterior and interior, including the dashboard - the air condintioning, power locks, power windows, power steering, the radio...theres a good chance these and other functions  are powered by electricity, and if they aren't working properly, you may have an electrical problem on your hands.

Who can fix my electrical problem?

An inexperienced person will find it difficult to determine the cause and solution of an automotive electrical issue, even if they have experience with home electronics. A skilled technician knows the proper configurations for your vehicle and has the right equipment to work on your problem safely and efficiently. 

How do I know there's an issue?

Are any of the aforementioned parts or features not working correctly? You may have an electrical problem. It's a good idea to schedule an appointment with a skilled technician as soon as possible, as electrical issues can progress quickly, and more of your car's features may stop working as they should.



Our Location


You've learned the why, who and how of electrical problems, now here's the where. We are conveniently located off PA-61 in Orwigsburg, PA. We proudly offer comprehensive maintenance services, including electrical services, to customers in the Reading, Allentown and Harrisburg area. Click here to schedule your appointment with J. Bertolet Volkswagen.

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