2018 Volkswagen Beetle Orwigsburg PA

Volkswagen is known for making great cars. The German company has had great success in the international market precisely because of their commitment to creating professional and appealing vehicles. Perhaps the companies most recognize model is that of the Volkswagen Beetle. Of course, this has to do partly with the Beetle's iconic design that has become instantly recognizable around the world. But the Beetle could not become a mainstay in the car market for that reason alone. The Volkswagen Beetle has been a profoundly impressive car since the 1930's, and continues to be so with its upcoming release of the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle.
2018 Volkswagen Beetle


The 2018 Volkswagen Beetle will have a 2L turbocharged engine with a vastly improved horsepower of 210 and a torque of 207 lb-ft. The MPG is estimated at 27 mpg for the city and 36 mpg on the highway. The option of automatic or manual transmission is available to fit your preference.

2018 Volkswagen Beetle


Since its debut nearly 80 years ago, the Volkswagen Beetle has continued to improve and modernize in the best of ways to meet demands. From the driver's seat you have access to a heads up active info display, back up camera, heated seats, infotainment system, electronical stability control, and more!

2018 Volkswagen Beetle


The Beetle's iconic design is intact, yet updated to appeal to modern tastes. The sleek hatchback is looking leaner, more athletic, and now is built with lighter, yet just as durable, materials to create a frame that handles with even greater precision. With accented tires, attractive headlights, and multiple trims available, what's not to love?

Where Can I Get the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle?

If you've ever been interested in getting a Volkswagen Beetle, then now's the time to find out. The Beetle is built to be a refreshing classic, combining the bests parts of traditional and modern implements. There's still plenty of great features left to be announced to the 2018 Beetle, but available features so far include:

  • AMOLED Touchscreen Infotainment System
  • Iconic Retro Design
  • Bi-Xenon Headlights
  • Updated MBQ Platform Structure
  • And more!

    The 2018 Volkswagen Beetle will be available early next year here at J. Bertolet Volkswagen and all other associated Volkswagen dealers. If you're interested in learning more about the upcoming Beetle or any other currently available Volkswagen models, feel free to call of visit us here at J. Bertolet! We're happy to help you with all of your automotive needs!
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