Brake Replacement / Adjustment - The Basics

Most drivers would agree, the brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Regular maintenance and adjustment of this crucial auto part can make a huge difference in keeping you and your family safe while driving. It doesn't matter how good your reaction time is, or how closely you're paying attention to the road - If your brakes are bad, your car won't stop they way it's supposed to.


Who can replace or adjust my brakes?

Any driver can visit the auto store and purchase the brake pads, fluid, rotors and other components needed to change their brakes, but if the job is done incorrectly the consequences can be dire. Let a trained service professional with the right tools and experience perform your brake maintenance. They have the skill to do the job, and the knowledge to test their work properly.


Why do I need to replace them?

As you continue to use your brakes, the components will become worn, and they won't work as well as they did once they were new. Sometimes parts can also be knocked out of alignment, preventing the brakes from working as quickly or as effectively as they should.

When do I need my brakes checked?

A technician should take a look at your brakes with every yearly inspection and tell you when you need a replacement. The amount of mileage you'll get out of each replacement can vary greatly. If you notice your vehicle is taking longer to stop, or you hear any squealing or rattling while stopping or driving, it's a good idea to have your brakes checked out. 

What happens if I forget?

Your vehicle won't be able to stop correctly, causing a serious safety hazard. The brakes may even lose function completely.



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