Will the Volkswagen T-Cross crossover have all-wheel drive?

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Will the Volkswagen T-Cross have all-wheel drive

As the range of crossover SUV sizes and shapes only becomes more expansive, Volkswagen has kept its offerings somewhat conservative, focusing on the siblings Tiguan and Touareg — a compact and a mid-size SUV, respectively. VW’s SUV offerings currently fit right in with other automakers’ standard SUV lineups; what could one or two smaller crossover vehicles bring to the VW family? What are the VW T-Roc and T-Cross? Who does VW hope to compete with? Will the Volkswagen T-Cross crossover have all-wheel drive? Join us as we take a closer look at VW’s future crossover plans.

What could smaller crossovers do for Volkswagen?

Based on the market performance of crossover vehicles in recent years — and their unprecedented conquering of the sedan as the standard family car — it seems like a good investment for any carmaker to offer a range of crossover styles and sizes. Volkswagen’s crossover concepts like the T-Roc and the T-Cross could be answers to the crossover demand in the US and worldwide.

2018 VW T-Cross pricing
Volkswagen T-Roc starting price

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What are the T-Roc and T-Cross?

Volkswagen’s small crossover concepts, T-Roc and T-Cross, will potentially be entry-level crossovers, alternatives to hatchbacks that maintain optimal cargo space but that offer unique style and a higher ride. The VW T-Roc is currently heading to production for a possible dealership-arrival date in 2017, and the T-Cross concept is set to debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2016.

Volkswagen T-Cross cargo capacity
Volkswagen T-Roc engine specs

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Who does VW hope to compete with?

This answer is obvious if you take a look around at the current trends in automotive — Volkswagen would use the T-Roc and T-Cross to more pointedly target shoppers considering the Nissan Juke, Mazda CX-3, Jeep Renegade or a Mini Countryman.

Will the VW T-Cross have all-wheel drive?

It’s early to tell, and the concept we see in March 2016 may feature specs that wouldn’t be available (at least not right away) on a production model, but according to Car and Driver, “the transverse-engine, front-drive MQB architecture [of the T-Cross] would allow for the availability of all-wheel drive, a choice of gasoline or diesel engines, and possibly a plug-in-hybrid powertrain.”

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