Will the New Volkswagen SUV Have Three Rows of Seats?

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Volkswagen Chattanooga Factory

While the model name is still being held close to the chest, Volkswagen has unveiled their prototype for an all-new vehicle that will launch the brand into SUV stardom. With an abundance of crossovers and SUVs to choose from, what will set this model apart from the rest? Will the new Volkswagen be much different from their current SUV models, the Tiguan and Touraeg? Will it have more cargo room? What about the cabin space, will the new Volkswagen SUV have three rows of seats? The answers are yes, yes, and yes!

VW’s First Attempt at a Family-Sized SUV

The Volkswagen Midsize SUV – the only name we have for it so far via Volkswagen’s PR – is Volkswagen’s step into the big family SUV market. Unlike its younger sibling the VW Toureg, the new SUV will have a third row of seats (seven seats in total) and come with a much smaller price tag, as the Toureg’s market is more luxury instead of versatility. The size of the prototype is that of a much more traditional SUV, aiming for the market that the Toureg and Tiguan missed with their niche sizing. As far as cargo space goes, the unnamed SUV plans on being competitive in its market, with the second and third row seats being able to fold down for maximum cargo capacity.

Volkswagen New Midsize SUV
New Midsize SUV Volkswagen
Volkswagen Midsize SUV Prototype

When Will Production on the New VW SUV Begin?

The new model is said to be officially revealed this November at the L.A. Auto Show, with full production expected to start mid-December and hopefully appearing in dealerships as early as the second quarter of 2017 as a 2018 model. Word is Volkswagen plans on marketing the new model very aggressively, as they are expanding the floor area of their factory and adding over 700 workers in preparation for the launch.

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