Volkswagen vehicles will have Apple Watch connectivity

By blogsadmin | Posted in Technology on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 at 3:05 pm
Will the Apple Watch work with VW vehicles

Will the Apple Watch work with VW vehicles?

Each year automakers have to compete with each other to have the latest and greatest in automotive technology, but with connectivity with mobile devices gaining increased importance, now they have to focus on technology outside their industry as well. Case in point the new Apple Watch, which just came out on April 24th, which may allow wearer to leave their smart phones at home. The definition of mobile device is always expanding to include more products, and now we’re asking will the Apple Watch work with VW vehicles?

The quick answer is a resounding yes! Volkswagen has announced their Car-Net app will sync with the new Apple Watch, so the problem of digging for your phone in the way you used to dig for your keys is yet another problem solved, assuming you wear your watch on your wrist, and don’t manage to lose it somehow.

For those thinking about getting an Apple Watch, you’re probably wondering what exactly you can do once it’s connected to your Volkswagen. So far the list of benefits include the ability to remotely unlock and lock your doors, check your fuel levels (or charge status for electric). You can even set up speed and boundary alerts if you let the new driver in your house get a hold of your keys. Think you might have left your windows open or forgotten to lock the doors? You’ll be able to find out right away without having to leave your office chair. Don’t remember where you parked? Your Apple Watch will remember for you.

Car-Net is available in select trims for many Volkswagen models from 2014 model years to present. Getting the Car-Net app for you Apple Watch is simple and it can be found in the App Store for your Apple Watch.

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