What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional oil change?

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What's the difference between synthetic and conventional oil change

Everyone wants to make sure their vehicle stays in good running condition for as long as possible, and most drivers know that involves regular and proper vehicle maintenance. The conventional oil change is probably the task most people think of when they imagine “vehicle maintenance,” and you’ve probably heard a lot of the options you have for an oil change from your service provider. If you’re still wondering, “What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional oil change?” we’ve got the answers.

What is synthetic oil?

Conventional oil is referred to as “standard oil” or “mineral-based oil” because it is refined from naturally occurring crude oil. Synthetic oil may or may not start with chemically-altered conventional oil as a base, but the end result is a lubricant created artificially from chemical compounds.

Is synthetic oil better than conventional oil?

Many expert mechanics suggest synthetic oil is better for your vehicle than conventional mineral-based oil. Synthetic oil is thinner, more resistant to extreme temperatures and generally lubricates longer and stays cleaner than conventional oil. While you won’t necessarily notice a difference in the way your car performs with synthetic oil, you can expect less frequent oil changes — Some mechanics say that, with certain products and manufacturers, you could go as many as 15,000 miles or more between oil changes when you replace with synthetic oil.
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So what’s the difference between a conventional and synthetic oil change?

While a synthetic oil change might cost you a little more upfront, the increased length of time between changes could reduce costs overall. Some vehicles require synthetic oil. If you’re not as diligent about vehicle maintenance as some, a synthetic oil change at a reputable service shop is probably a good idea — you’ll fill up with a worry-free product and get a set of professional eyes on your vehicle to bring any major issues to your attention.

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