What is VW Car-Net® App-Connect?

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Volkswagen Car-Net® Smartphone Compatibility 

VW Car-Net® has been the signature infotainment system of Volkswagen vehicles since its implementation into Volkswagen 2016 models. One of the stand-out features of VW Car-Net® is the App-Connect technology. Unfortunately, those who don’t already own a recent Volkswagen model are unsure or confused about what App-Connect does. Don’t worry, we’re here to explain what App-Connect is and how it works.

What is App-Connect? 

The VW Car-Net® system is an entertainment and information system offering navigation, music, driving features, and more. All of this is handled through a touchscreen seamlessly integrated into each Volkswagen dashboard for easy use. App-Connect is one such feature of VW Car-Net® that connects your smartphone to your Volkswagen vehicle.

How to Pair with VW App-Connect 

Through a USB port, App-Connect helps to pair your smartphone to the VW Car-Net® system. With a connection established, App-Connect helps to stream all audio and visual functions of any app on your smartphone through the VW Car-Net® touchscreen and speaker system. Therefore, this means you can control navigation, music, messaging, calls, and more through touchscreen controls or the VW Car-Net® navigational menu buttons.

VW Car-Net touchscreen messaging

VW Car-Net mapping touchscreen

Which Smartphones Work with VW App-Connect? 

VW Car-Net® has 3 separate phone-pairing systems that support App-Connect. This means that there’s an incredibly good chance your smartphone will be an easy fit. The 3 systems that are a part of App-Connet are Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and Mirrorlink®. All Apple and Android products connect with ease. Meanwhile, MirrorLink® covers the most popular smartphone models that are outside of the Apple and Android markets and catalogs.

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Direct Your Questions to J. Bertolet Volkswagen 

Finally, if you have any more questions about VW Car-Net® and App-Connect or are just interested in learning more, you can contact our sales team here at J. Bertolet Volkswagen. Additionally, Volkswagen headquarters has compiled an extensive overview of both the VW Car-Net® system and the App-Connect feature, which can be found here. Come take a look at our inventory in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania to see what other amazing technological features Volkswagen has created and improved over the years!

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