What is the Volkswagen I.D. Electric Concept Car?

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Calling it a concept may be a bit of an understatement, as Volkswagen’s first dedicated electric car is set to be available for purchase in 2020. Focused on the future, the new Volkswagen I.D. is an attractive and tech-heavy electric vehicle that can go up to 373 miles on a single battery charge all while emitted zero emissions. Giving consumers a tangible glimpse into fully automated driving, the Volkswagen I.D. is the product of VW’s new “Think New” strategy, which focuses on mobility innovation.

Volkswagen I.D. Prototype
Volkswagen I.D. Side View
Volkswagen I.D. on Bridge
Volkswagen I.D. Headlights
Volkswagen I.D. Above City
Volkswagen I.D. Blue Underlights

What will the Volkswagen I.D. Look like?

Being a car of the future, the Volkswagen I.D. has an architecture unlike any vehicle on the market today. Guaranteeing the most comfortable ride possible along with optimum amounts of space and maximum safety, the electric car has a flat lithium-ion battery that is integrated into the floor and a front end structure that allows the handling to be precise and sharp. Everything is neatly laid out for precision and the sculpted surfaces and flowing lines help the car express a new design language that will set the standard for future all-electric cars.

Perhaps one of the coolest features released so far is that the Volkswagen I.D. communicates with its environment by light. For example, the LED headlights mimic the human eye by looking towards the driver as they approach the vehicle and illuminating the door handle once the driver gets closer. When the system shuts down, the I.D. closes its “eyes” as if to fall asleep. More light scenarios include blue light panels that pulsate or “breathe” while the vehicle is being charged, signaling it’s going into autonomous mode by having its roof lasers turn blue, and communicating with pedestrians and cyclists by turning the “eyes” towards them signaling they see them on the street.

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Volkswagen has big plans for the future, with the release of the fleet of electric cars planned for 2020 and another release of the fully automated versions planned for 2025. If you would like to learn more about all the exciting innovations that Volkswagen has been dreaming up, please check back with our blog or stop by J. Bertolet Volkswagen in Orwigsburg, PA.

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