What is a GTI engine?

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What does gti mean?

If you’re wondering about the Volkswagen engine distinctions, you’re definitely not alone. VW engineers some of the most affordable yet responsive powertrains available in the world, and that fact is the result of a long and well-maintained mechanical pedigree. So, what is a GTI engine and how is it different from what’s under another automaker’s hood?

Grand Tourer Injection

“GTI” stands for “Grand Tourer Injection,” which designates a high-performance vehicle capable of long trips and comfortable rides without sacrificing any driver engagement. These cars house direct-injection engines, which allow for performance quality, efficiency and smooth starting. Volkswagen made the term “GTI” a brand signature in 1976 with the VW Golf GTI, the hot hatch on which every hatchback that followed it is essentially based on.

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A segment leader 40 years in the making

The 2016 VW Golf GTI is a hot hatch that other hatchbacks dream of being. The Golf GTI’s 2.0 liter turbocharged TSI engine produces 210 horsepower and comes standard with an engaging 6-speed manual transmission, perfect for any driver who appreciates good, clean fun. With 34 miles per gallon highway, the four-door Golf GTI is also the perfect touring car — there’s plenty of room for family and luggage when it’s time to get away.

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Affordable luxury performance

The VW Golf GTI isn’t only recognized for its outstanding drivability and safety features — it’s also highly affordable for young professionals or families just beginning to find their places in the world. Call us for a stress-free quote today; we’ll also hook you up with some of the outstanding offers from Volkswagen for car buyers at every stage in life.

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