What are the available Driver Assistance Features on the 2016 Passat?

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What are the available Driver Assistance Features on the 2016 Passat

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the advanced safety and convenience features on new vehicles these days. Are we getting closer to a fully-automated “self-driving” car? Maybe. For now, we have Volkswagen Driver Assistance Features, which use combinations of radar, sensors and cameras to help you drive better and safer. Preventing costly and dangerous accidents is a priority for everyone – learn more about what the available Driver Assistance Features on the 2016 Passat are in our guide.

What are active vs passive safety features?

What are active vs passive safety features?

Cars have a lot of safety features these days – do you know the difference between “active” and “passive” safety features?

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What are Driver Assistance Features?

If you haven’t purchased a new car in years (or ever), you might feel overwhelmed by all the different technology features to learn about. We broke down the new Driver Assistance Features of the 2016 Passat here:

how do I use blind spot monitor in 2016 passat Blind Spot Monitor If you want to change lanes or merge into traffic, your Passat can use proximity sensors to alert you to cars behind or alongside you.
how do I use park pilot in 2016 passat Park Distance Control (ParkPilot) Your Passat will alert you with a warning tone when you get close to a vehicle or object in front of or behind you when parking.
how do I set adaptive cruise control in 2016 passat Adaptive Cruse Control (ACC) Set your speed and preferred distance from the vehicle(s) in front of you and your Passat will take care of the rest.
how do I turn off lane departure warning in my 2016 passat Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist) If you wander out of your lane, your Passat's corrective steering feature can adjust your steering to keep you on track.
how do I turn on park assist in 2016 passat Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist) This system auto-parks your Passat while you control the gas and brake pedals – and it will steer you out of the spot, too.
how do I turn off rear traffic alert in 2016 passat Rear Traffic Alert Get an alert when something is in your path when you're backing up, and the Passat will even auto-respond with braking force if necessary.
forward collision warning not working in 2016 passat Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist) If you're approaching another car too quickly, braking power is boosted and/or fully deployed, if necessary.

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