Volkswagen T-Prime Crossover US Release Date

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Volkswagen T-Prime Crossover US Release Date

As crossovers and small SUVs continue to rise in popularity among new-car buyers, Volkswagen has recognized the need to expand its crossover offerings. A redesigned 2017 Tiguan with an available three-row-seating configuration should debut this year, and two smaller crossovers modeled on the T-Roc and T-Cross Breeze concepts are coming soon, too. A redesign for the midsize Touareg is also in the works, and the T-Prime crossover will enter the premium full-size SUV class in the US in 2017, according to VW’s action plan.

More about the VW T-Prime concept

We gleaned what we currently know about the future VW T-Prime production model from the T-Prime GTE concept that recently premiered at Auto China 2016. The full-size concept features futuristic specs, like a Curved Interaction Area that merges driver information and infotainment displays under a sheet of transparent glass inside the T-Prime’s cabin. You can read the full specs here.

Engine Plug-in electric + 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo
Horsepower 375
Torque 516 pound-feet
0-60 mph 6.0 seconds
Top speed 139
Transmission 8-speed automatic
All-electric range 31 miles
2018 Volkswagen t-prime engine specs

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The T-Prime concept can be driven in three separate modes: E-Mode, Hybrid and GTE. E-Mode provides a zero-emissions ride (up to 31 miles), Hybrid mode provides optimal fuel efficiency on longer trips, and when drivers want to unleash the T-Prime’s true power, GTE mode will propel the full-size SUV from 0-60 mph in 6.0 seconds flat.

A glimpse at the future of VW crossovers

vw t-prime concept horsepower
vw t-prime concept technology

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vw t-prime concept release date
vw t-prime concept touchscreen size

The most exciting part about the T-Prime crossover concept for us is the preview it gives of the future premium, full-size SUV option from Volkswagen. While the concept is a two-row vehicle, its size places it in the full-size class, so there’s lots of room for potential passengers and cargo. The concept prioritizes cutting-edge technology and comfort, with multiple touchscreens, a sleek, streamlined interior and plush seating. The T-Prime concept is about the same size as a Chevy Tahoe, so we would assume three-row seating will be offered on the final production model. Think Audi Q7, and you have a good idea of what the market-ready Volkswagen T-Prime will look like.

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