Three Jetta maintenance jobs you can do yourself

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Three Jetta maintenance jobs you can do yourself

If you’re watching your budget, or if you’re just a faithful do-it-yourself-er, you may be looking for ways to save money and time. Some aspects of vehicle ownership are out of your hands, unless you’re a licensed mechanic. However, there are some things we can take care of ourselves, and if we can help you save a few dollars, why not? Here are three Jetta maintenance jobs you can do yourself in your garage, driveway, or the auto store parking lot.

1. Changing wiper blades

Many wiper blades are easy to take off and replace; this process usually involves pushing a lever, sliding off the old blade, and sliding on the new one. Check your owner manual for a list of Jetta-approved wiper blade options.

2. Changing the air filter

Most vehicles are easy to change the air filter on, just a few clips or screws to remove, pulling the old filter out and putting the new filter in and you’re back on your way. Note the way the old filter comes out so that you can replace with the new filter the right way.

3. Changing your oil

Now, this is task is a little more advanced than the other two, but it’s something even non-mechanic types can handle. Follow the instructions in this video and you’ll be fine.

Of course, all of these services can be acquired by stopping by J. Bertolet Volkswagen for regularly scheduled maintenance. You can even schedule an appointment online! Either way, share some service experiences you’ve had in the past in the comments below!

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