After school safety tips Orwigsburg PA

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After school safety tips Orwigsburg PA

As fall draws near, we’re forced to say goodbye to our summer activities and settle into another school year. If you have young kids, they can take some time to readjust to the structure and schedules of school. Perhaps, if they’re beginning at a new location or school, they need some refreshing not only on appropriate behavior in school, but also could benefit from some after school safety tips in Orwigsburg PA. 

Keep identifying information tucked away

Many classrooms require us to label our kids’ belongings right down to their individual shoelaces, but make sure your child’s name or address isn’t obviously displayed on his or her items, since a stranger could use that information to establish trust with your child.

After school safety tips Orwigsburg PA

Sometimes, it really is ok to have a fit

Tell you child that if they don’t feel safe or a stranger is physically forcing them to do something, they can use all of their energy to make as much noise and commotion as possible. This can be a tricky rule, since some little kids never want to leave school, even with a safe adult. However, if you’d rather another responsible adult check on your kid no matter what, this can be a good rule.

What’s the password?

If you have a safety password between you and your child, this can help them recognize a safe adult that you’ve designated to pick them up in an emergency.

While incidents are generally rare, it’s important to teach children how to begin caring for themselves.

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