Reasons to buy a wagon or hatchback

By blogsadmin | Posted in Volkswagen Golf on Sunday, March 29th, 2015 at 8:32 pm
Why buy a hatchback or wagon car

The term “station wagon” is a bit outdated, and tends to conjure up in people’s minds something right on par with “minivan” where fun and style are concerned. But we don’t sell station wagons here at J. Bertolet –  We do sell hatchbacks, and hot hatches, and even the occasional sportwagon. We assure you these are quite different from any fuddy-duddy thing of the past you might be thinking of, so let us explain. In fact, we’ll give you three reasons to buy a wagon or hatchback:

1. More space.

Yes, it’s kind of a big deal. The difference between having to make sure things will fit in a closed trunk and being able to fold the back seats down and have up to 52 cubic feet available (a generous trunk is something to the tune of 15 cubic feet, to put that in perspective) is one you’ll most definitely notice on trips great and small.

2. Handling/Visibility.

The trunkless nature of the hatch makes it easy to drive and maneuver, and the reduced rear extension makes it easier for you to get a view of your surroundings and have a clear perception of where your back end is at. For many drivers who switch from a sedan to a hatch, this is something they never even knew they’d been missing, but appreciate all the same. See if it makes a difference for you when you come in for your test drive of one of our hatchbacks!

3. No compromises.

Here’s the other thing people might mistakenly think about the hatchback: that they’re somehow less powerful or efficient than their sedan cousins and counterparts. A quick look at the numbers for, say, the Golf GTI should get those misconceptions cleared right up: With 210 horsepower and up to 34 highway miles per gallon, there’s nothing this hot hatch will leave you wanting for –  and you’ve still got all the space you need. It’s a true win-wn.

Want to check out our selection of hatchbacks here at J. Bertolet Volkswagen? Come on in and we’ll get you acquainted with these capable, versatile cars.


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