How to keep your car running past 150,000 miles

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We all want a car that lasts, especially if we consider a vehicle purchase a huge investment, and something we think about for many months before making a decision. J. Bertolet understands and is prepared to help you out with these tips for how to keep your car running past 150,000 miles.

Keep an emergency repair fund

It’s a good idea to have a rainy-day fund that you can access when repair bills do pop up. If you can even put aside $20-$50 dollars per month and simultaneously earn interest on that money, you could find yourself with a nice safety net when those inevitable car repair costs pop up. If you’ve got some funds saved up, a big repair bill won’t break your budget.

Be aware—get a different perspective

If you ask another driver to give you a ride in your car, this could give you an opportunity to sit in the passenger seat and notice bumps, noises or issues you don’t notice from the driver’s seat. Getting a new perspective on your car will help you figure out if something’s not right. And if you notice something out of the ordinary, don’t stop and ignore it, even if the first shop tells you it’s normal—you know your car best.

Fix issues as soon as you can . . .

and try to avoid driving the vehicle if something is wrong and you’re trying to put together the funds for a repair. Even little things like a broken mirror or torn interior can be enough to change your mood about your car. Maintain that love affair you have with your 2015 Jetta or Passat and you’ll be a happy driver even 150,000 miles into your relationship.

Driving your car for as long as possible is an ideal way to ensure you have reliable, affordable transportation for many years. Come in to J. Bertolet to talk to one of our sales professionals about long-term car care and ownership.

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