How to check your kids’ Halloween candy before they eat it 

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How to tell if your children's halloween candy has been tampered with

While Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for kids and adults alike, unfortunately, parents must always be cautious when it comes to accepting and eating food of any kind prepared by strangers. There are ways to check your kids’ Halloween candy before they eat it that won’t freak them out and ruin the holiday, and we’re here to help.

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Remind your kids not to eat anything until they get home. You could talk about how exciting it is to see how much they can bring home, and tell them that a grown-up has to look at their candy before they can eat any. Maybe you can set up a weigh-in contest at the end of the night to encourage them not to eat any before they get home!

Check it out

Look for things like lumps, punctures in wrappers, ripped, open or loose wrappers, candy that isn’t in the original box or wrapper, brands or manufacturers you don’t recognize, and expired candy.

Keep in mind that wrappers that have twisted ends can be unwrapped and re-wrapped after tampering occurs.

Know your neighbors (and your kids)

Homemade and fruit treats can be great! Make sure you trust whoever is giving your child homemade goods. It’s always a good idea to accompany your child on trick-or-treating until they’re old enough to recognize potentially harmful situations.

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