Buying a used car in the winter months 

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buying a used car during the holidays

Most people think of car shopping in the spring or summer, when roaming an outdoor used car lot doesn’t mean you’ll need a parka and boots. But sometimes we don’t get to choose when we get to shop for a necessary item like a vehicle, and there can even sometimes be advantages to buying a used car in the winter months. Join us for a few pointers when it comes to shopping used vehicles in winter — maybe we can help you warm up to the idea!

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Take advantage of a slow selling season

Less people are shopping in the colder months of the year, especially during the small window between Christmas and New Year’s. With fewer buyers on the lot, dealers are more motivated to sell used vehicles that are just getting older and costing the dealership money for maintenance and storage. And even after the holidays, snow and ice keep many people away from shopping outside, and still others are spending cautiously in anticipation of tax season.

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Find out what’s really important

If you live in an area of the US that experiences real winter, shopping during the cold months will help you realize what comforts and safety features will really benefit you when the temperature dips below zero. And isn’t the real test of a car’s value revealed when it keeps you safe and comfortable through an especially cold and vicious winter?

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