When to Replace Your Car

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Cars are investments. When you get a new set of keys, you usually hope that your new car will last you for many years to come—but how do you know when it’s time to replace your car?

How many years will my car last?

Unfortunately, cars don’t come with expiration dates. How long any owner keeps his or her car has a lot of influencing factors, such as what the driver’s needs are for the car, the car’s durability, driving habits, and any repairs and maintenance the car might need. Some manufacturers make cars that last longer than others (for example, we can make a pretty safe bet that you’ve seen your fair share of awesome old VWs still chugging happily down the road), but much of a car’s life comes down to how it’s treated and what the driver needs. That said, most people keep their cars between 6 and 11 years—but that’s an estimate.

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When should I replace my car?

If you’re wondering if you need to replace your car, chances are the answer is yes. However, since sometimes our decisions are influenced by our desires, try answering these questions before you hit the lot:

  • Is it running well? Is it slow to respond or maybe only starts on a good day? That’s a sign that it’s time for a replacement.
  • How often does it need repairs? If your second home is the mechanic’s and your car is draining your wallet…. you guessed it. Come see us.
  • Does it still fit your needs? New baby? Kids move out? Move out of town? If your car isn’t fitting your needs as a driver, swap it out for one that does. It’s worth it.
Dented car
New keys

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