Are Safety Features Worth the Money?

By blogsadmin | Posted in Safety on Friday, August 11th, 2017 at 3:24 pm

Today’s cars are so jam-packed with technology that sometimes it seems like they can almost drive themselves. Modern safety features offer a much safer ride than cars from even ten short years ago. However, one of the biggest things that separates more basic models from higher-end models is additional safety features—but are they worth the extra money?

What safety features do 2017 Volkswagens have?

Any car that rolls off the lot in 2017 is going to bring competitive safety features. Volkswagens come with intelligent braking, updated crumple zones and side door beams, comprehensive air bags, and child-optimized belt systems, among other things. However, though the standard VW package is protective and thorough, VWs also offer other nonstandard safety features.

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Why pay more for safety features?

When you’re considering whether or not to buy safety features, think of them like auto or life insurance. While you’d hope you wouldn’t need to use most of the benefits, having them there when you need them could quite literally be a lifesaver. It’s also important to consider the car and its safety from all angles—if you’ve got kids in the back, is that going to change whether or not you want blind spot monitoring? Or if your favorite or most frequent road trip or commute buddy is talkative, will that make a difference in whether or not you’re interested in adaptive cruise control? Buying a new car won’t suddenly change your driving habits, so knowing what those are and where you can protect yourself with intelligent safety features.

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Your car is an investment and a home on the road. Buying something that offers such good times is best done with a little insurance—in this case, it’s more than wise to make part of that insurance additional safety features. Invest in a little peace of mind at J. Bertolet VW. Our inventory is full of cars that have amazing optional safety features, and we’re here to show you every one. If you’ve gotten into a sticky situation that needs some repair, come see our service center. We’ve got what you need.

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