How Your Driving Habits Impact Your Car

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Like with everything you own, your car is impacted by how you treat it. Your driving habits affect how your car experiences wear and tear and at what rate it happens. Let’s take a look at what your driving habits do to your car and how you can make sure your car lasts as long as you’d like it to.

What Driving Habits Damage My Car?

There are a handful of common driving habits that damage your car and can wear it down quickly. Take a look at the below and see if there’s anything you can do to keep your car happy.

  • Riding the brakes: While it might be comforting to have your foot just gently touching the brake pedal, it’s not doing you any good. Even just a little pressure on the brake pedal can cause your brake pads to engage, and if you’re constantly wearing on your brake pads you’ll wear them out far too fast—potentially leading to brake failure.
  • Accelerating too slowly: While it may seem like a good habit, you don’t want to accelerate too slowly. Doing so will essentially drag your gears and actually hurt your fuel economy. You don’t want to gun it, either—try to find a happy medium.
  • Hard starts and stops: This causes your car to burn a great deal more fuel than necessary and puts a lot of wear on brake pads. While both of these actions may sometimes be necessary, it’s important to avoid making them a habit.
  • Driving on a low or empty tank: Driving on low or almost no fuel puts a great deal of strain on the fuel pumps: they’re designed for (and cooled by) being submerged in fuel, so when they have little or nothing to go on they’re more likely to overheat and require repair.
  • Ignoring warning signs: “Check Engine” light on? Something squeaking, grinding, or shaking? Pay attention to it! If your car’s doing something it doesn’t usually do, it’s a terrible idea to ignore it. Not only could this potentially be dangerous, it will likely be very expensive.

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