3 Volkswagen models are saving the environment

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3 Volkswagen models are saving the environment

While environmental concerns may not be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to new vehicle shopping, it’s always a nice bonus to find your carbon footprint shrinking just because you’re enjoying driving your new Volkswagen. German engineering is ensuring that these 3 Volkswagen models are saving the environment, one mile at a time. 

2016 Jetta

With each model redesign demanding more environmental considerations, VW’s most popular models are certainly seeing meaningful improvements. The Jetta Hybrid SEL Premium is, of course, designed to save you money at the pump, but less fuel being used by your system means fewer pollutants released and a small footprint for you. A combined 45 MPG means you’re leaving less behind when you power forward in a hybrid that definitely doesn’t handle like a typical hybrid.

2016 Passat

With VS’s plan to increase fuel efficiency in each model redesign by 10-15%, they’ve set an ambitious goal for themselves. But the 2016 Passat is ready and willing to meet the challenge.

3 Volkswagen models are saving the environment

2015 Volkswagen Golf

Chosen by Green Car Reports as the 2015 green car to buy, the various powertrains available within the Golf family is reason enough to recommend the Golf as a stellar green vehicle. But then there’s the e-Golf, VW’s first all-electric car that makes zero-emissions. And the diesel-fueled Golf TDI is no slouch either. Essentially, the Golf family of vehicles is proof of Volkswagen’s vision moving forward.

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