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Discovering the Volkswagen Tiguan

Monday, March 30th, 2015
Features of the VW Tiguan

Does the Volkswagen Tiguan come in AWD?

Here at J. Bertolet Volkswagen, we certainly enjoy our sedans and hatchbacks, but there’s no question that we also appreciate one of today’s most popular body styles in the automotive world: the compact crossover. These stylish and versatile SUV-sedan crossovers (hence the name!) are just what many families are looking for when they don’t want to compromise on space, efficiency, capability, or comfort. One of our more popular picks here is the VW Tiguan, a crossover that’s truly fun to drive in addition to being spacious, comfortable, and great-looking. If you’re thinking about checking this one out, you may have some questions. Does the Volkswagen Tiguan come in AWD? What kind of gas mileage does it get? Which features come standard? We’ve got answers here. (more…)

Reasons to buy a wagon or hatchback

Sunday, March 29th, 2015
Why buy a hatchback or wagon car

The term “station wagon” is a bit outdated, and tends to conjure up in people’s minds something right on par with “minivan” where fun and style are concerned. But we don’t sell station wagons here at J. Bertolet –  We do sell hatchbacks, and hot hatches, and even the occasional sportwagon. We assure you these are quite different from any fuddy-duddy thing of the past you might be thinking of, so let us explain. In fact, we’ll give you three reasons to buy a wagon or hatchback: (more…)

What to do about potholes in the road

Friday, March 27th, 2015
What to do about potholes in the road Orwigsburg PA

Pothole repair Orwigsburg PA

Spring is a great season here in the Orwigsburg area – there’s lots of activities to get out and do, and the weather is just right for venturing out after a long winter spent largely indoors. Not only that, it’s great to see our roadways restored to a more favorable condition than the winter sometimes provides. That said, there’s one springtime road hazard we’re all too familiar with, and that’s the dreaded pothole. Today we want to provide you with some advice on how to avoid potholes, what to do if you end up hitting one, and give you the hotline information for pothole repair Orwigsburg PA in case you should need to report one to be patched as soon as possible, whether you hit it or just don’t want anybody else to. (more…)

Need New Tires? We can help.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
New Tires Allenville PA

New tire specials in Orwigsburg PA

As spring springs into action here in the Orwigsburg area and precipitation tendencies start to shift from snow to rain, it’s time to consider the current state of our tires. If you’ve been using snow tires, is it time to switch to a summer set yet? If you’ve got all-seasons, how are they holding up (and is that the way to go in general)? We’ll answer those questions and tell you about where to go if you’re looking for new tire specials in Orwigsburg PA this spring. (more…)