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Located on the foothills of the Blue Mountains, just north of Reading, PA, our doors opened 49 years ago and have stayed that way.

In October of 1964, Jack Bertolet Sr. took his opportunity to begin a Volkswagen franchise and has never looked back.  Today, we remain one of the country's few single point VW dealers.

What Jack Sr. had built, his sons, Jack Jr and Blayne Bertolet have taken to the next level.  Born into the business, the brothers have known early on in life what they wanted to do.  Almost a decade ago they were able to buy the business from their dad and continue with the family owned Bertolet VW, guiding it to the new millennium.

Late in 2002 a massive reconstruction process began and our dealership would become ready and able to give our customers and experience unlike any other. 

Jack Jr and Blayne continue to get advice from their dad Jack who stills works at the dealership and now Jack Jr's son, John, will become the next Bertolet in line to keep the family's business going.

Like our tastes or hairstyles, things change.  What has not has been the commitment this family and all of their employee's have made since 1964..."Make sure the customer is treated right".  We have a feeling you'll be glad things haven't changed.

There has been a lot of change since 1964.  Styles, people, vehicles, houses.  We have seen more change in 47 years than maybe any other time.  One thing that has remained constant?  J Bertolet Volkswagen. 

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